Benjamin Blaschke 17-06-1993 The Netherlands

I started mountaineering when I was 16. I did my first mountaineering course in Austria (2009) with the NKBV (Dutch mountain club). After this course I did some more courses in the following years. After my second course I climbed the Weismiess and Alalinhorn around Saas-Fee my first 4000ers.

I really loved the climbing and was really motivated. I did all the mountaineering courses, even an iceclimbing course in 2013. Currently I love the Chamonix valley. I feel really attracted to those gullies around the Mont Blanc. For example “Ice is Nice” which I climbed with a French friend, Morgan. But my goal is to climb all big classic alpine North faces, like the Grandes Jorasses, Matterhorn and the Eiger.

Besides mountaineering I love Ice skating, especially marathons. I love also road racing. Since 3 years I do competitive cycling and participate twice the National Championships. All the training is really helpful for Alpine climbing. I really want to be fast in the mountains. It is more safe in my opinion.

I started skiing in 2014. I had my first ski holiday. I learned it very quick which is very useful for winter climbing. So you can do the approach on ski’s and ski down after the climb. It is so much faster than walking down.

Currently (Feb-April 2015) I am doing an internship in Chamonix to ski and climbed as much as possible.

I hope I can inspire a lot of people with my blog and motivate you for your next adventure.


Me in the Swiss route on Les Courtes, climbing the North face and skied the South face down.


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